About Us

Lyma Engineering services is a multi-disciplined Engineering company established in the year 2016 and specializes in the Sale, Distribution and Service of quality products used by the process Industry.
Our prime business is and not limited to the Supply, Installation and Servicing of the following: -
• Air Compressors and Air Treatment Equipment’s
• Refrigeration and Air conditioning.
• Water pipe lines and fittings
• Steam and hot water Equipments
• Steam distribution Equipments


The company has at its disposal, a competent team of specialized Engineers and Technicians equipped with all the relevant skills to execute any project in and within the East Africa region. In addition, the company enjoys the full support of suppliers both locally and Internationally who has made it possible for us to stock variety of spare parts for Air Compressors and all other equipments related to Steam & Compressed Air Generation


Our installations of compressed air systems are operating in some parts of country. To mention a few: King plastic Ltd, New kenya cooperative creameries (NKCC), Equator bottlers Kisumu, Leather Industries Ltd just to mention a few.
We undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for complete repairs and maintenance of all the above mentioned equipments.
Lyma Engineering Services believes in offering quality after sale service to its client as well as providing utility solutions and optimizations for all our East African partners through Products, Education, Training Aids, and Service in total systems solutions to Air compressors and hot water. Our products are of the best quality, backed by Sound Engineering with prompt service. We assist all our clients in complete design and set up of both Compressed air and Steam distribution to achieve high-energy savings at very reasonable rates of Installation.
Our service starts when the first contact is made and the first advisory discussions take place; followed by a complete analysis of your requirement, then the design stage, production, installation and the subsequent maintenance and care of your system.
In today’s dynamic environment, Lyma Engineering Services is fast growing and taking the leading role in service provision for all matters on Air Compressors and Compressed Air piping, in Kenya and targets East African region as a whole.


• Installation and Fabrication of Chimneys, Tanks with relevant fans, Air/flue gas ducting, heat exchangers, heat recovery units, pre-heaters, steam distribution headers, water storage tanks and pressure reducing stations
• Accessories such as steam bellow seal valves, high pressure valves, ball valves, steam fitting and traps, control valves etc.
• Spare parts for Air Compressors and Steam Boilers.


• Sale, installation, commissioning and maintenance of air compressors and compressed air systems as well as their related controls.
• Installation, commissioning and maintenance of steam and thermic boilers as well as their related controls


We design, supply and install steam, water and compressed air pipeline(s) which includes installation of high pressure pipelines.


We offer Service contracts for all type of boilers, air compressor and power generator ensuring their proper performance at a high efficiency, minimum downtime & maintenance


We carry out Glass/Mineral wool insulation with wire-mesh and aluminum/stainless steel cladding for Boilers, Piping, Tanks and reaction vessels.